Felicity Rosslyn

I have worked as a BACP accredited counsellor and family therapist in Leicester since 2007.

Family therapy to help families find their own solutions

I practice family therapy with individuals and couples whose family problems are impacting on their relationships, and with families searching for better ways of relating. Each individual’s growth challenges the family structure to grow and expand, and sometimes other family members refuse their permission. All counselling can help an individual assert their right to grow, but family counselling also draws in the people who aren’t convinced of the need for change, or actively oppose it, producing growth all round.

Different ways to help

A useful gateway to understanding is to create a Genogram — a three-generation picture of the family that often uncovers the unspoken rules of belonging and the family history behind them. This can be a liberating piece of work in itself, or it may lead to ongoing counselling to support you and/or the whole family in challenging and rewriting the rules. I use Psychodynamic understanding to clarify issues from the past and Systemic Theory to make plans for change. I integrate these with Transactional Analysis and elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to give you an increased sense of control in your life.

What kinds of problems?

I am experienced in working with issues from the past like family secrets, unresolved arguments, and family break-up, which often create vulnerability to anxiety and depression in later life. I am also experienced in working with separation and loss in the present, and the special problems that face families dealing with issues of adoption and step-parenting. I have also helped families to manage the impact of diagnoses like ADHD, OCD and Asperger’s Syndrome.

My practice is near Leicester city centre, not far from the train station.

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To contact me for a free initial consultation email me or call 07550 012923. Skype and telephone counselling are available where appropriate.