Understanding families


In my experience family therapy works, and works fast! Sometimes all that is needed is a chance to clear up a misunderstanding in a safe setting—families usually want to love one another, but a parent’s care can be experienced by the child as control and the child’s fear of being squashed can be felt as angry rejection by the parent. Everyone in a family needs to be listened to and respected, we know, but every family member is constantly growing and changing in confusing ways. What worked last year or last month may not work now—this is where expert understanding can make all the difference.

Starting family therapy

When you pick up the telephone we will have a short conversation and if you feel I can be helpful to you, we can agree a time for a 30-minute consultation at no cost. At this meeting you will be able to decide whether you want to engage in counselling with me and I will be able to offer you a variety of possible ways forward such as

If some members of the family cannot be present, I will support you in making progress without them. However, once the process has got started, people can be surprisingly willing to attend — in family work, never say never! Contact me at or call 07550 012923.